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Hawaii Pineapples

Hawaii Pineapples shipped to the U.S. Mainland

Get 30 pounds of the best pineapples (6-7 pineapples) on the planet shipped anywhere in the mainland United States. Our pineapples are guaranteed fresh and will arrive via 2nd Day Air UPS. Shipping price and all taxes are included in the price displayed. Please enter the shipping address for this box of Hawaii pineapples. You may also add a note to the package.

Three days available for shipment- Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

Monday Shipments- Orders must be received by Friday

Tuesday Shipments- Orders must be received by Monday

Wednesday Shipments- Orders must be received by Tuesday.

Please note no shipments are made on Mondays that fall on a holiday.  Orders received on Mondays that fall on a holiday may not be available for shipment until that Wednesday.
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