Hawaii Pineapples

Scheduled to arrive 2 days after shipment date

  • 10 lb Pineapples

  • 30 lb Pineapples

  • 10 lb Papayas


Hawaii Pineapples Shipped to the Continental United States

Hawaii Pineapples - Tropical Gold Pineapples DELIVERED directly to your home address on the mainland.

What is so great about ordering Hawaii pineapples or papayas through us? There are three good reasons why.

Reason # 1

Pineapples and papayas from Hawaii make great gifts for your friends and loved ones back home.

Reason # 2

Tropical Gold pineapples are the best pineapples in the world. You do not get these at your local grocery store. These are direct from Oahu.

Reason # 3

We use FedEx 2-3 day delivery to the mainland, so the fruits will arrive fresh.

This is a great way to enjoy Hawaii when you are back home with your friends and family. Our Hawaiian pineapples are known as Tropical Gold pineapples and are grown on the north shore of Oahu, and the pineapples are shipped to the mainland direct from Hawaii. No matter what time of the year it is, fresh pineapples are a welcome and tasty treat.

Order your Hawaiian pineapples before or after arriving back home from your Hawaii vacation, so you can enjoy your fruits as soon as you arrive back home! Please call us with any questions at 866-482-9775 and be sure to check out our sister website - www.hawaiidiscount.com - for other great Hawaii activities and Hawaii tours.

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